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DELCADE brings together lawyers who are experts in retail, distribution, and franchise law. They combine their knowledge to better meet your expectations. Our guidance, strategic advice and 360-degree view of your sector will help you to succeed in your projects.

A full-service solution to transform your projects into reality

Our team supports you at every stage of the development of your company and/or your franchise/distribution network. We provide advice on the setting up of your business and secure its development.

Our expertise in business law enables us to assist you in all your operations: commercial negotiations, strategic planning, GDPR compliance, drafting and amending contracts, drafting of franchise manuals and pre-contractual information documents, setting up a purchasing or referencing centre, procurement logistics, management of relations with the affiliated parties (collection of debts from affiliated parties, etc.). We offer comprehensive, full-service legal solutions.

The expertise of our law firm in retail, distribution, and franchise law

Our lawyers are experts in business law. Their knowledge of retail, distribution, and franchise law covers the specific needs of your sector.

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Our rankings and distinctions

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Our recognised expertise in retail, distribution, and franchise law
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