Tourism and hospitality lawyer

A firm that is reactive to changes in the tourism sector

DELCADE brings together lawyers with complementary expertise in business law. We draw on our extensive knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry to assist and advise you on your legal issues. Our solutions meet the specific needs of the hospitality, tourism, and leisure sectors.

Our lawyers' 360-degree approach to tourism law

Our team of lawyers has a strong track record in tourism and hospitality law. Our expertise is comprehensive. Our viewpoint is global. We assist players in the tourism sector to develop a strategic approach to the constant changes in the industry. We advise you on how to anticipate the risks that could hinder your ambitions.

Our expertise in tourism and hospitality law

At DELCADE, each lawyer is an expert in his or her field of business law. The complementarity of our expertise enables us to respond to all your needs.

Our rankings and distinctions

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Our rankings and distinctions

Our strengths

Our multidisciplinary team assists public and private players in their projects
Our lawyers have an extensive knowledge of the tourism and hospitality sector
We monitor the evolving regulations in the sector, particularly with regards to sustainable development