Delcade is the first law firm designed and built with lawyers in mind!

A unique collaborative platform where everyone can thrive in full independence, while building a collective dynamic where talents and services converge.

  • A SAS (Simplified Joint-stock Company) legal structure for collaboration that is smooth and flexible, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a model truly open to talented men and women;
  • Lawyers can maintain their independence regarding clients and turnover, while benefiting from attractive remuneration, without any pressure;
  • The possibility to work in synergy with the firm’s experts, on local, national and international issues while sharing experience and skills;
  • Value-added services letting lawyers focus on their clients under the best conditions.

To join Delcade is to join a team of passionate lawyers, who are close knit and supportive, motivated to build a collaborative project based on shared values and a different way of working together.

Seven people have joined the firm in 2017, and Delcade is seeking 5 to 10 new associates in 2018, in all sectors of business law.

Delcade also offers internship opportunities at its Bordeaux and Paris offices.