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A team of experts to advise and represent clients in all areas of insurance law

Our team of expert lawyers in insurance law, construction, and civil liability litigation assists and represents you in your strategic and specific litigation, both in France and internationally, benefiting from the support of the entire firm’s teams: business law, tax law, social security law, information technology law, real estate law, international law. Our structured, multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive strategic understanding of cases.

Our geographical presence allows for close collaboration with our clients in the regions, closely aligned with their challenges.

DELCADE lawyers work in both French and English, some authorized to practice in the United Kingdom and the United States. They represent both French and foreign companies.

Our dedicated insurance law team advises and represents your interests in insurance and reinsurance litigation related to the enforcement of warranties (misrepresentation of risk, late or fraudulent claim reporting, warranty exclusions, intentional or fraudulent misconduct, application of premium proportional rule, nullity of the insurance contract, lack of fortuity, biennial limitation period, etc.), as well as to the performance and termination of insurance distribution contracts.

Our lawyers regularly oversee major construction claim files, both domestically and internationally, representing all parties involved in the construction process (Project Owners, Owner's Representatives, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Work Lessors, Subcontractors, Equipment Manufacturers, etc.) and/or their insurers.

Our lawyers frequently handle claims involving damage to premises, factories, machinery, installations, and equipment of businesses and public entities, including incidents of fire, breakage, explosion, leaks, contamination, environmental damage, major industrial accidents, etc.

DELCADE supports its clients—manufacturers, distributors, importers, or users of products—in disputes related to defective products, including hidden defects/product safety issues in chemical, technological, pharmaceutical, and food products.

Our teams assist and represent executives (management errors, faults separable from their functions, ut singuli actions, "CEO fraud," etc.) and professionals (brokers, lawyers, franchisors, wealth management advisors, financial investment advisors, accounting professionals, and other regulated professions) when their civil liability is invoked.

Our lawyers are by your side to defend your interests in litigation related to aviation law: air accidents, product liability on behalf of aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, ground damage to aircraft by third parties, and litigation following the challenge of the civil liability of aerodrome operators at French airports.

Our team assists you in asserting your rights in compensation litigation for bodily injury (workplace accidents and litigation for inexcusable fault, road or air accidents, or bodily injuries caused by the use of defective products).


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A team of expert lawyers in insurance law, recognized for their in-depth expertise and ability to oversee complex cases
We offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to your situation and the evolution of the insurance sector
From contract negotiation to litigation management, we offer complete legal support to protect your interests and support your development

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