Media and technology lawyer

A firm experienced in the challenges of a highly regulated sector

DELCADE supports companies in the telecommunications, media, and new technologies sectors. We intervene on problems related to copyright, e-commerce, personal data protection, or GPDR audits.

A trusted partner in media and technology law

Regulations in the fields of telecommunications, media and new technologies evolve regularly.
These changes are creating new and increasingly complex challenges for the players in these fields. Particularly exposed, these areas attract the attention of public authorities and require a high capacity to adapt.

DELCADE positions itself as a trusted partner to ensure the successful development of your projects, in a constantly changing legislative framework. Our vision is global. We take into account the exponential growth opportunities of this sector and have an excellent command of the inherent risks: personal data, GPDR, AI etc.

Our expertise in media and technology law

The expertise of our business lawyers is complementary, and enables us to create tailor-made solutions, adapted to your sector-specific challenges.

Our rankings and distinctions

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Our rankings and distinctions

Our strengths

Our lawyers are recognised by national and international legal rankings
Our expertise covers all aspects of media and digital law, providing advice, as well as intervening on contentious matters
We master the challenges of this sector to better address emerging technology issues