Our CSR approach

All of DELCADE’s members, associates, partners, and employees, are actively involved in CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities and the evolution of CSR policy within the company. CSR is fully integrated into our everyday operational activities.

CSR natives

Lawyers want to be able to exercise their profession in conditions that promote the quality of life at work; our law firm was created to meet this demand. For DELCADE, social responsibility is much more than an in-vogue topic. CSR concerns are part of our DNA. They are an integrated part of our underlying values – respect, benevolence, and trust – an echo of today’s social concerns. We put the priority on the well-being of our members, and this is reflected in the quality of the services we offer.

Our commitments


Recruitment criteria is based on the suitability of candidates for the position with respect to their profile (qualifications and/or experience). When changes are made to the recruitment criteria, the reasons for doing so are objective and justified. Each year, we run a self-diagnosis using a SR tool designed specifically for law firms (RSCA), to assess the parity and diversity within our firm. DELCADE welcomes applications from candidates with disabilities and accommodates for their needs.

Respect for the parity between men and women

With each recruitment or when job roles evolve at DELCADE, consideration is given to the parity within our law firm. With every decision we make, we take into consideration the gender balance of the lawyers and employees working for us.

Environmental considerations

DELCADE has and respects an ambitious internal environmental policy. We promote energy sobriety and fight against all types of waste. Our lawyers prioritise electronic exchanges. They reduce their everyday waste, reuse, and recycle. Wherever possible, DELCADE purchase its supplies from environment-conscious suppliers.


Work-life balance

We take into consideration the impact of parenthood on the careers of each individual and on their working hours.

In the event of long-term leave, we ensure that the return of the employee or the lawyer takes place under the best possible conditions. Their career progression, salary, and level of responsibility within the firm will not be affected.

Our CSR Committee

In 2022, the work carried out by the DELCADE CSR Committee, composed of partners, lawyers and employees, focused on conducting a CSR diagnosis in order to identify the strengths and areas for improvement on all economic, social, societal and environmental issues; and on drafting a CSR Charter, which reflects the commitments and values held by the firm, both individually and collectively.

DELCADE’s CSR Committee has also identified the priority areas on which it will focus its work for the year 2023. Amongst these, the appointment of a CSR point of contact within the firm, the development of the training offer for lawyers and employees, as well as the improvement of the annual follow-up of lawyers and employees.

Join us

DELCADE is always looking for talented and experienced English or French-speaking lawyers, who practice in all areas of business law, to join our growing network of best friends. DELCADE is based in France in Bordeaux, Paris, Lille, and Biarritz and advises many international clients settling in France.

If you are interested in working with a lawyer in France and developing international opportunities with us, get in touch.
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