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DELCADE, reconciling legal requirements and clients' economic challenges

DELCADE is composed of lawyers who are experts in French, international and European competition law, anti-competitive practices, and distribution/franchising law. They have recognised and high technical skills in these sectors, thus assuring a perfect understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges.

Our experts have practised in leading French and Anglo-Saxon law firms renowned for their competition and distribution law practice.

Their expertise in competition law covers anti-competitive practices (including agreements, abuse of a dominant position and abuse of economic dependency), market concentration and financial aid from the government. They advise all types of clients, private and public, small, and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies, French and from abroad, on these issues. Active members of the Association française d’étude de la concurrence (AFSC), a French association for the study of competition law, they regularly participate in working groups on current and future matters relating to competition law.

In the field of distribution/franchising law, our partners have extensive experience in all types of distribution/franchising contracts and commercial negotiations between the various players in the distribution sector. They assist managers of chains and franchises, in France and abroad. With their expertise, they lead workshops on the evolution of chain/franchise company contracts and on alternative contractual frameworks to franchising.


Two of our lawyers, experts in competition, distribution, and contract law, have been recognised by the 2022 Décideurs Magazine Group Leaders League in two categories: Distribution and Antitrust.

DELCADE assists its clients in assuring the validity of their legal agreements and commercial practices with regards to anti-competitive and restrictive practice law. We offer compliance audits to control and better manage the financial risks related to the sanction of these practices.

DELCADE has a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector and covers all types of energy sources, including nuclear. This pragmatic vision is informed by competition and regulatory law as well as our partners' personal interest in this sector.
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The firm's lawyers assist foreign investors in their transactions subject to control procedures in France under the Foreign Investment Control Act. They have a perfect command of these procedures and have significant experience in the handling of these authorisation procedures with the Office of Foreign Investment Control (Fr. Bureau du contrôle des investissements étrangers) in France and the General Treasury Department (Fr. Direction générale du Trésor).
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Within our Competition - Distribution - Contracts department, our lawyers have developed a recognised expertise in the field of franchise networks. They practice in France and internationally.
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When our clients wish to set up a master franchise, we support them to protect their interests, especially during the negotiation phase. We study the regulations applicable to the project before drafting the contract to avoid any imbalance between franchisor and franchisee.
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Commercial negotiation between suppliers and distributors
General Sales Conditions (GSC), Special Sales Conditions (SSC)
Single contracts with suppliers (Article L. 441-3 of the Commercial Code)
Distribution contracts
- pre-contractual information, area reservation, exclusivity (supply, purchase, territorial ...), contractual and post-contractual non-competition, online distribution, distance selling, brand licensing ...
- contracts with trade intermediaries (commercial agents, commission agents, brokers, etc.), employees (branches) or buyers/retailers (independent traders)
- contracts for grouping purchases (central purchasing, referencing, etc.)
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- Negotiating and drafting business contracts in various sectors of activity: subcontracting, contributions, advertising, communication, storage of hazardous products, transport of industrial waste, cleaning services, reception, security, management of public car parks, etc.,

- Disputes arising from the formation, performance or termination of these contracts or from a situation related to them: breach of contract, contractual or tortious liability, etc.


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Ability to manage complex competition and distribution law / franchise cases.
Specific expertise in international contracts.
A pragmatic and agile approach.

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