DELCADE, a law firm that meets the high expectations of large groups

On-going daily support tailor-made solutions

Our teams’ recognised expertise in France and internationally allows us to anticipate the challenges faced by large groups and provide a comprehensive solution. Our cross-disciplinary expertise enables us to address all your legal needs.

Our contemporary law firm

DELCADE brings together lawyers who are both experts in business law and entrepreneurs; with extensive experience in corporate issues, they have a perfect understanding of your needs.

Our organisational model is different to traditional law firms. We value close relationships with our clients. Our solutions are agile, reactive and draw on the complementary expertise of our lawyers.

Legal solutions for large groups

Our law firm can assist you with all your legal procedures: at every stage in your company’s development, you will benefit from our expertise and our lawyers’ guidance. Our areas of expertise include:


  • Company acquisition, sale, or transfer
  • Legal assistance for complex operations
  • Business relocation and transfers overseas
  • Joint-venture arrangements
  • Implementing a strategy to improve the tax efficiency of a company
  • International tax systems
  • Distribution modelling
  • International sales contracts
  • International legal & tax risk audits
  • Assistance setting up foreign subsidiaries
  • Safeguarding and compliance of international activities
  • Complex litigation assistance
  • Employment audits
  • Collective negotiation with social partners
  • Drafting and reviewing collective agreements
  • Staff departure plans

Our multidisciplinary firm covers all areas of business law. Our cross-disciplinary expertise is equally applicable to different business sectors.

Relevant expertise

DELCADE has been recognised as a leading business law firm by various national and international rankings. Our lawyers have previously worked for renowned law firms, and are all experts in their respective fields.

Our strengths

High quality services recognised by various French and international legal rankings
The close relationships between our clients and their lawyers enables us to provide tailor-made solutions
Our ad hoc teams can be quickly mobilised, providing reactive solutions that respond to your needs