International assignment services lawyer

A team of experienced and bilingual lawyers alongside international companies for the management of the International assignment needs for employees, executives and senior management

Our expertise in International Assignment Services allows us to offer tailored support for companies and professionals wishing to successfully navigate the complex landscape of expatriation and professional immigration. Our dedicated team guides you through the legal and tax challenges related to international mobility, ensuring a smooth transition for your talents and full compliance with local and international regulations.

Our main areas of intervention are as follows:

  • contract & social security
  • International Assignement Policies
  • construction of compensation packages
  • complementary compensation & employee share schemes
  • pension & savings plans
  • payroll audit
  • Urssaf litigation
  • individual tax
  • wealth tax
  • compliance
  • tax litigation
  • artists & athletes

Professional Immigration

Our firm provides advice on visas, work permits, and immigration procedures to facilitate the entry and stay of your employees in his host country. We help you navigate through administrative procedures, prepare the necessary documents, and meet the specific requirements of each country.

An international network of partners

DELCADE is a member of Consulegis, a global network of independent law and accounting firms which brings together more than 1500 professionals in over forty countries. This membership in the network allows us to ensure the coordination of missions across several countries through a rigorous selection of legal advisors. Consulegis’ personal approach promotes the establishment of lasting and close relationships between their members. These strong connections guarantee our clients integrated legal assistance that is seamless and in line with DELCADE’s quality standards and values.

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