American law

DELCADE, American lawyers in France

DELCADE offers its French and foreign clients premium support from international lawyers licensed in the United States and based in France. Our firm also has best friends law firms in over forty countries, including the USA.

All of DELCADE’s lawyers work in both French and English. Some of which are licenced to practice in the US or in the UK. Our team of experts also includes lecturers in American business law, who teach at several prestigious universities.


DELCADE: Expert lawyers in American law

Our lawyers advise companies in the context of the negotiation and drafting of international contracts and on the implementation of compliance programmes. They also provide litigation assistance in France and abroad.

Strong ties with local institutions

DELCADE’s lawyers assist their clients in all their international projects and can practice both in France and in the United States. To the benefit of our clients, they maintain close ties with local institutions. DELCADE is also a member of several international lawyer networks.

DELCADE: a wide range of expertise in US law

To advise clients on the full range of issues they might face in the US, we have the capacity to mobilise transversal skills and services. Tax law, property law and customs law are all areas in which our lawyers are able to serve the needs of our clients. We also benefit from our professional network to assist companies facing strategic, legal and economic challenges.

Other expertise related to international law