Business transfer lawyer

Legal and tax assistance for all your family business transfer projects.

DELCADE’s lawyers, experts in corporate law, have extensive experience of business transfers and will assist you from the initial reflection phase of your project. It is essential to clearly identify the family, legal and tax implications in order to prepare your transfer under the best conditions.

We work closely with directors of intermediate-sized companies, shareholders, entrepreneurs, families and employees to provide tailor-made and personalised assistance and to minimise the tax impact of the project.

Business transfers: a perfect control of the legal and tax systems for your project

The transfer of a company requires knowledge of accounting, legal and tax matters. DELCADE’s corporate lawyers are recognised for their expertise and proficiency in these fields and have a full command of the relevant national and international laws and regulations.

A deep understanding of the issues surrounding the transfer of property assets

With our professional and expert advice, transfers are facilitated, whether they take place during the lifetime of the company director or after his/her death. Our expert lawyers draw on their experience and extensive knowledge of the issues involved in transfer operations to anticipate the difficulties that a change of management can sometimes entail.

Proven expertise in negotiating complex agreements

Business transfers involve a lengthy negotiation process. We know how to manage complex agreements as well as the diversity of elements that are part of a running business.

Other expertise related to corporate law