Advice on equity capital operations

DELCADE, experts in financial engineering strategies

DELCADE’s lawyers, experts in corporate law, assist clients in all their equity capital operations: sale of assets, mergers, raising capital, capital reduction, partial contribution of assets etc.

For each of these operations, we provide assistance from the strategic planning and design stages through to their implementation. We assist in the drafting of financing documentation, contractual documentation, etc.

DELCADE advises clients on the most appropriate strategy with regards to their objectives and assesses both the legal and tax risks and impacts. We guide our clients on the eventual information and consultation obligations with the company’s employee committees.

Team of equity capital operations experts

DELCADE has all the competent skills required for setting up financial engineering operations for its clients. Its team of lawyers, all from major law firms, offers start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, and foreign corporations a wide range of expertise in this field.

Extensive experience in complex, cross-border operations

DELCADE advises its clients on cross-border mergers and acquisitions in France and internationally. We handle all aspects of transactions, from tax law and intellectual property rights to competition law and other regulatory issues.

A team of experts providing assistance to companies

Equity capital operations require legal, tax and financial engineering. The structure of our firm and its agile organisation allow us to mobilise experts in every field of law for reactive and comprehensive management of our clients’ affairs.

Other corporate law expertise