Property tax lawyer

DELCADE, a team dedicated to the tax structuring of property transactions

At DELCADE, our expert lawyers in tax law, advise companies and individuals on all their issues related to property tax structuring.

DELCADE, expert assistance during the acquisition of a property

In the context of the acquisition of a property, it is essential to put in place the legal and tax arrangements to determine the financial structure of an acquisition transaction and to anticipate the sale and/or transfer of the property.

We assist in the management, structuring and implementation of various operations:

  • Direct acquisitions by an individual or manager,
  • Direct acquisitions by the operating company,
  • Opportunities to create an integrated or non-integrated company and choosing the appropriate tax regime (income tax or corporate tax),
  • Financial analysis and projections,
  • Anticipation and analysis of the impact on income tax or corporate tax, VAT and stamp duties depending on the nature of the property transaction (professional, investment, bare rental, or furnished rental (non-professional or professional)),
  • Anticipating and analysing of the impact on the taxation of property assets
  • Coordinating the acquisition with other professionals

Opportunities and implementation of temporary usufruct shares

A dedicated team for all matters relating to the sale and transfer of property

Our expertise in tax law and our experience, gained through the large-scale cases in which our team has been involved, enables us to understand and anticipate the tax issues involved in property sales or transfers for our clients. We assist them in analysing the consequences of the planned transfer and, where appropriate, propose relevant alternative solutions according to our clients’ needs and objectives.

  • Assistance with free title property transfers,

Anticipation of the transfer during the lifetime of the company in order to identify favourable tax solutions and to limit the duties on the free transfer of assets (via property division, setting up a Dutreil pact etc.)

High quality personal service

At DELCADE, all our lawyers use innovative digital tools which ensure that their clients receive a fully personalised, tailor-made service with the aim of working closely with them and providing them with a timely response.

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