Lawyer specialised in urban planning law

DELCADE, recognised expertise to help clients meet the challenges of regional planning and development

DELCADE’s lawyers, experts in public law have developed specific expertise enabling them to assist their clients at all stages of a property project, in the fields of construction and/or urban planning.

French urban planning law is complex; our clients are thus confronted with the authorities’ objectives and requirements in terms of land use.

We act as advisors on property development projects: We assist in analysing and safeguarding projects, but also in contentious matters when the rules and zoning of Local Urban Plans are opposed by constituents, or in the event of a dispute over the granting of a building permit.

Our lawyers are also competent in all pre-emption or expropriation procedures involving public authorities.

Experienced in public authority issues

Our experience with public authorities of considerable stature enables us to offer our clients a global vision of the problems they are likely to encounter in their development projects.

Our firm is recognised for our lawyers’ expertise and excellent knowledge of the legal regulations governing urban planning law.

A reactive and multidisciplinary team of experts in urban planning law

Urban planning rules regulate how the land is used, whilst taking into consideration any legal matters.

We assist the majority of our clients on issues relating to environmental law, construction law, or property law, and tax law, and in some cases on health matters. We are able to provide solutions in all of these areas, thus providing global and tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Our other solutions related to public and environmental law