Lawyer specialised in local authority law

DELCADE, a team dedicated to the challenges faced by public authorities and private companies.

DELCADE’s public law and environmental lawyers have expertise in all fields of public law and the challenges faced by local authorities. Our lawyers intervene on matters such as; local authority financing, codes of conduct/ethics for elected representatives, subsidies, or the responsibilities of public authorities.

Our expert lawyers, from reputable law firms, are both trained and experienced in public law, as a result of the cases they address on a daily basis. They provide a high value-added service, offering both operational and innovative advice.

DELCADE, an excellent working knowledge of local authority law

The public law department primarily supports public authorities.

Our team is composed of partners with significant experience in French public administration, notably with; the Lille European Metropolis (Fr. Métropole Européenne de Lille), the National Assembly (Fr. Assemblée Nationale), the Senate (Fr. le Sénat) and the Burgundy Region (Fr. Région Bourgogne).

Expertise for private companies

DELCADE also assists professionals in the private sector, such as property developers, construction companies and investors. The experience of our lawyers, acquired in the private sector, enables us to offer a 360-degree perspective on matters entrusted to us, and ensures that cases are handled in a rigorous and efficient manner.

Public and environmental lawyers, reactive and responsive.

The lawyers at DELCADE are all entrepreneurs. They work in an agile manner and use pertinent digital analysis and diagnosis tools to provide pragmatic and personalised support. Each of our clients is unique, each problem is therefore treated with professionalism and singularity.

Other expertise related to public and environmental law