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Le April 8, 2014 Par Benoît LAFOURCADE

Delcade has a great expertise in advising companies regarding contract documentation.

The lawyer drafting your documentation will help you establish your contracts (employment, sale or purchase, commercial leases, etc.). He or she will also assert your rights when negotiating and drafting the contracts.

In case of non-compliance with the terms of the contract, your lawyer is committed to defending your rights. Being a unique and privileged adviser, he or she accompanies you throughout all legal processes.

Delcade’s corporate department is also able to offer training to its business clients. Specially designed seminars can be organised at your business location or in our offices to train staff in order to improve their understanding of contract law and its many details. We offer seminars on the following topics:

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Benoît Lafourcade
Benoît LAFOURCADE Co-founder & partner

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