Collective insolvency proceedings lawyer

A team of lawyers with expertise in the acquisition and sale of insolvent companies

A company in receivership or liquidation can be purchased by third parties. Taking over a company in receivership offers undeniable advantages:

  • Existing business
  • Strong and well-known brand
  • Quick purchase process
  • Attractive price

Our lawyers dedicated to insolvency, restructuring and collective proceedings – assist the buyer in all stages of their offer to take over a company. We manage all the technical aspects as well as the relations with all parties involved in the collective proceedings:

  • Drafting of deeds
  • Assistance in the takeover of assets from companies in receivership or judicial liquidation (business assets, individual assets)
  • Supervising the proceedings before the commercial or bankruptcy court

DELCADE also advises clients who are selling their businesses, mediating between all the parties involved and ensuring that the takeover is structured correctly.

Careful analysis of the recovery potential

Before any takeover or sale of a business, DELCADE conducts an extensive study of the feasibility and the potential of the operation. Our tax, social and corporate teams work in synergy to advise buyers and sellers.


Compliance with procedures

We regularly support buyers in their takeover offers. Our lawyers are fully aware of the intricacies and the various stages involved in these operations and have the trust of the various parties involved in this type of assignment.

Responsive and pragmatic collective insolvency proceedings lawyers

Taking over a company involves many risks for the buyer. Our 360-degree vision, coupled with our use of advanced digital tools as well as our entrepreneurial approach, allow us to take a more objective view of the situation and to be more responsive to the needs of these operations.

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