You’re looking for legal services offering high-end, on demand expertise?

For major companies, Delcade is innovating by merging collective strength and major law firm services with the closeness and flexibility of smaller firms at an optimum price.

Our team of lawyers, each coming from a major law firm, offer a wide range of expertise in business law and taxation, in France and internationally.

  • Business transfer or acquisition
  • Full legal assistance for complex operation
  • Full business law follow up
  • International transfer and company resettlement
  • Joint venture set up
  • Loi Sapin II compliance
  • Strategic support and fiscal optimization for groups and ETIs
  • Transfer pricing and international taxation
  • Distributor grouping modelling (central purchasing, central reference database, etc.)
  • International commercial contracts
  • International audit of legal and fiscal risk
  • Foreign subsidiary creation support
  • International activity securing and compliance
  • Complex litigations

Delcade is betting on closeness with custom fit services that only a smaller law firm can offer; thanks to associates working closely with their clients, thus guaranteeing high quality services (uninterrupted services, team of colleagues, pooled services…). Our associates are in close and direct relations with their clients remaining at all time dedicated to their satisfaction.