Delcade provides advice to both Directors and company employees throughout the field of employment law in non-litigation and litigation matters as well as audit of psycho-social and safety obligations in the work place and the employer risks.

Our costs are adapted to the financial capacity of the client and often consist of a package negotiated on a succes fee basis.

In litigation, with the assistance, if necessary, of a specialist in employment law (Delcade works with specialised employment lawyers in Paris and Bordeaux) Delcade offers a “bespoke” service where the file is meticulously analysed before any decision is made. This include advising employees wishing to improve the terms of their employment agreement or business owners contemplating redundancies.

Litigation is only contemplated as a final resort, after the negotiation solution fails.

Working in partnership with an expert in psycho-social risks Delcade accompanies the company for all issues related to discrimination, equal pay, psycho-social risks, harassment, difficulties at work, professional employment risk evaluation document, social audit of the company …

Delcade has a strong expertise in the field of social relationship and advises its client in their national and transnational restructuring operations (downsizing, outsourcing operation, management or working conditions of working time, group conflict), but also on matters of direct and indirect wage policy (retirement, pension, employee shareholding).

The firm’s expertise extends to the management of the individual’s employment relationship (employment, contracts, holidays, illness, training, termination) and issues related to working conditions (health and safety, work organisation, safety social …).

Delcade’s skills also help to support the Directors in their decision-making and in defining their strategy.


Co-Founder, Partner & Solicitor -
International Corporate Law & Litigation

Benoît, Delcade’s co-founder, is a Paris Bar lawyer and UK Solicitor (London).

Advisor for various embassies, working closely with the firm's team, Benoît offers his services to French and foreign companies requiring cross-cutting strategic and legal support in business law.

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