Hervé Gardey advises the directors of companies in difficulty (through the procedures of ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard, recovery and liquidation, recovery plans, transfer plans) as well as various creditors (including donors, via the reporting procedures) credence, challenge and claim).

He also intervenes in the framework of the preservation of the responsibility of the leaders, that it is in procedures of filling of liabilities and / or personal bankruptcy – prohibition to manage.

Hervé also has a recognized practice in asset takeover offers and / or activities for different investment funds.

Hervé has been a lawyer at the Paris Bar since February 2003.

He began his career with a general law firm that he joined in 2001 as a lawyer.

In 2004, he joined the team of Jean-Paul Petreschi, since become “Saint Louis Lawyers”. Its activity focuses then almost exclusively on the law of companies in difficulty, mainly in support of the interests of the liquidators.

In October 2010, he founded his company and then became a partner at Praxes in October 2011 where he created and deployed the restructuring department until the end of 2014.

He has been developing since his niche structure before joining the firm Delcade. Today, his business focuses on all aspects of bankruptcy law and business law litigation.

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