Delcade offers its clients a legally recognized 100% secure online contract signature.

Putting an end to the never-ending signing session, Delcade’s dematerialised deed by lawyer is efficient, and saves you time.

This 100% online deed by lawyer (acte d’avocat) is available for signing a legal document (contract, transaction, etc.) from the comfort of your own home in a completely secure way. No need to make an appointment or even use a pen!

  • The signature is completed with a single click in a secure space, and the lawyer can then countersign the deed with a special key.
  • The deed is then archived and kept in an electronic format by a third party archiver legally bound to the CNB (Conseil National des Barreaux).
  • The client can of course print and download the deed on their computer.
  • The dematerialised deed by lawyer (acte d’avocat) is dated in a manner that is forgery-proof and unchangeable (date certaine inviolable).
  • The electronic archive, under the control and responsibility of the CNB, keeps it for a minimum of five years, with the possibility of an unlimited number of renewals.

Delcade offers this 100% online service as soon as the fee agreement is signed.

Business Creation Pack

Delcade offers 100% lawyer reviewed and validated online business creation (SARL, SAS).

The KBIS (French official registration document) can be obtained within 48 hours, as long as none of the required files are missing.

Interested in a fast and secure business creation online? Please fill in the questionnaire below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a formal service proposal.

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