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On February 16, 2023 By Benoît LAFOURCADE

A checklist outlining the key steps to take and the main issues to consider when developing a compliance program, including overlaps with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

What Delcade can do for you ?

The firm’s multidisciplinary team assists companies in the implementation and monitoring of these risks prevention, governance, and ethical standards in application of laws and regulations relating to inter alia anti-corruption (Sapin II Law), EU and French competition law, the GDPR, the duty of vigilance and the fight against money laundering, the French foreign investment control scheme:

Why develop a Compliance Program?

The global compliance landscape is increasingly complex and creates significant challenges and opportunities for businesses. A robust and comprehensive ethics, risk and compliance program requires extensive planning, strategic thinking and coordination of numerous different resources and business functions. It is however the most effective means of:

What Is a Compliance Program?

An effective compliance program brings together a company’s policies, procedures, training, controls and other compliance efforts. It requires the company to:

Our approach

  1. Identify and Assess Risk

Our lawyers identify the key risks faced by the company:

This will involve consideration of geographical differences, including where:

  1. Create a Risk Matrix

 Once the key risks have been identified, we create a risk matrix that will:

  1. Key Elements of an Effective Ethics, Risk and Compliance Program

Once the company has identified and ranked key risks in order of priority, it will need to:

Our multidisciplinary partners

Our compliance services require strong interaction with experts other than lawyers.

To this end, DELCADE has established privileged and trustworthy relationships with service providers, such as auditors, consultants, investigators, and accountants, so that they can contribute their references, skills and know-how.

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