On November 13, the highest administrative French court, Conseil d’Etat, ruled that the holding period abatement only applies to net gains. Net gains equal to [(capital gains – capital losses) x holding period abatement].

French guidelines which considered that the taxable capital gains were equal to [(capital gains x holding period abatement) – [(capital losses x holding period abatement)] were declared illegal and do no longer apply.

Tax consequences after the change in the method of calculation:

Declared gains and losses on sales:

  • Capital gain of €10,000 after 4 years of continuous ownership (deduction for holding period of 50%);
  • Capital loss of €5,000 after 15 years of continuous ownership (deduction for holding period of 65 %).


Old method:  

[ 10,000 – 10,000 x 50% ] – [ 5,000 – 5,000 x 65% ] = €3,250 to the progressive scale for income tax.


Current method:

[10,000 – 5,000] x 50% = €2,500 € to the progressive scale for income tax.


As a consequence, taxpayer can claim for the reimbursement of the surplus of individual income tax and social security contributions paid on capital gains intervened in 2013 and 2014.

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