DELCADE is a contemporary law firm.

Our ambition is to create a better ecosystem for lawyers that enables us to offer an excellent service for our clients. At DELCADE, our lawyers enjoy freedom, whilst benefiting from the support of a strong and dynamic team. Our clients also benefit from the flexibility of this entrepreneurial, human-scale model.

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A customer-focused entrepreneurial model

DELCADE’s model differs in its organisation and the services it offers. It allows lawyers to devote their time and energy to practising their profession and assisting their clients.

Our lawyers have complementary expertise, work as a team, and are motivated by building a common project. They listen carefully to the legal needs of all their clients.

This complementarity, combined with their professional experience results in a high quality, full-service business law offering.

Our lawyers have an excellent academic background in law. They guarantee the same level of rigor and professionalism to all their clients.

DNA that serves our customers’ needs

Anticipating your needs and safeguarding your ambitions

Thanks to their entrepreneurial mindset, our lawyers share and understand the issues of our clients. and provide them with the best possible support. This allows us to anticipate and provide an appropriate and tailor-made solution.

Our lawyers have worked for various companies and have proven experience in supporting business managers. They combine their knowledge in their field of expertise and their experience of the challenges faced by businesses. Their aim is to be a trusted partner that safeguards their client’s ambitions and ensures the compliance of their activities.

Responding quickly to your legal issues

Our lawyers choose DELCADE to free themselves from the constraints that prevent them from being reactive when faced with the needs and schedules of their clients. Our lawyers provide proactive support, working by your side, enabling you to achieve your full potential.

The beginnings of DELCADE’s project

DELCADE is a modern law firm founded in 2014 by two partners, Benoît LAFOURCADE and Fabrice DELOUIS. We help businesses and managers achieve their ambitions by means of a new practice model for lawyers.

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Our history in brief – key dates


First draft of the model’s structure. The aim: to be able to exercise with more autonomy whilst creating team synergy.


Project confirmed with the creation of one of the first simplified joint-stock companies (SAS) in France. Implementation of the new model.


First appearance and recognition in the Legal 500 rankings. Recruitment of support staff, an Office Manager and development of the firm.


19 partners, 8 associates and 4 offices across France. Lawyers recognised as key players and interviews on new law firm models.

The importance of CSR within our law firm

At DELCADE, CSR is more than just an in-vogue concern: it is an integral part of our DNA. Our law firm was born from the need to improve the quality of life of lawyers. Our model is based on the sharing of common values.

Each member of our group is committed to preserving the world of tomorrow. We live by our CSR commitments, which are integrated into our daily activities. Lawyers and other employees work together, re-thinking the firm’s future CSR initiatives.

Join us

DELCADE is always open to talented individuals who would like to join our group. If you relate to our values, and you are an entrepreneur-minded lawyer that would like to be part of a dynamic team, contact us!
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